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Posted by hudvin on February 26, 2009

Bigplanet is an advanced map application:

  • supports different map sources: Google Maps, OpenStreet, Yandex Maps
  • cache of loaded maps – map tile is loaded only once and than saves in local file cache(so you can use app even without any network connection!). This feature allows you to save a lot of money(app don’t use expensive gprs connection).
  • bookmarks – just add you favourite places to bookmarks if you don’t want to find it each time when you use app
  • zoom in by double tap(like in iphone): You don’t need to use zoom controls from zooming – you can just double tap place you need.
  • save map in given radius. Allows to save map around selected place. For example, you can save map around your home using cheap wifi connection and then use map offline.

Main screen:
Main screen
Поиск объекта:

Save map in given radius:
Save map in given radius

Select map source:
Select map source

Select map source


3 Responses to “BigPlanet”

  1. mactone said

    Is the offline map available to other map related program ? Such as google map, ridetrac….etc ?

  2. mastermindg said

    Need to get connectivity working with WIFI and 3G, Edge is just too slow.

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