bigplanet-maps application for android

android google map cache


If you have any questions, you can contact me by email:


15 Responses to “About”

  1. Tim Fedders said

    I downloaded the pay version last night. Had a few problems so I got a refund.

    My location did not use GPS unless the “wireless location” was turned off on G1.

    The GPS would only come on for a few seconds to show my location, I thought it would track me.

    Map they I cached seemed to have different magnification in different areas.

    Map caching in satelitte veiw cached for a while and then kept erroring out.

    Hope the feedback helps.

  2. mustharshid said

    Hello. Is there anyway I can purchase the application (or get full version) – I’m not in US. Thanks.

  3. curropar said

    Same question as Mustharshid: I’m not in US, how can I get/purchase the full version?

  4. Garfield said

    Hello … finally, offline map for android!!
    I would like to purchase the full version, but I m outside US.
    would you consider putting the app on alternative stores? (maybe

    btw, offline map with original map app would be great~

  5. Alan said

    Hello. Is there anyway I can purchase the application (or get full version) – I’m not in US. Thank ❤

  6. Lakhs said

    what would be fantastic is if you could somehow download the maps you wanted on PC, the copy to sd card on G1, they are not huge files but can take forever to download on phone.

    • hudvin said

      Yes, it’s full possible. A lot of users asks me for this feature. But by some reasons, I haven’t enough time for writing it. So, it will made only in few months.

  7. db said

    With bigplanet being a great help , there is now a huge downfall with this application and the new adp that is out. having the larger maps on SD makes the phone prepair the sdcard with times over 30mins, which gets kind of hassled. i was thinking if there was a way to make a huge map, that kind of puts the whole thousands of tiny images into 3-4 LARGE images. ive kinda forced my self to do this with a googlemap downloader that makes the large image and cut them into sizes the phone will view. anyways just thought id give you the low down. also

  8. Conundrum said

    Excellent app. Just bought pay version.
    What is “Network Mode”?

    Also, when you add a bookmark, isn’t there supposed to be some sort of marker placed on the map? I get no marker.

    When I select a bookmark, it simply zooms to that spot.

  9. Conundrum said

    Hello. Thanks for the reply. How about the bookmark marker? Am I doing something wrong to place the bookmark (double tapping when it says select object) or is there no marker at this time?
    If not, will it be included in next build?

  10. Conundrum said

    I bought this software and it served me very well when I went to Europe recently. I’m wondering if you are still working on it.

  11. Conundrum said

    You have a great application here, and I did purchase it. Will you ever continue development on this?

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